Choosing from the Fusion Mineral Paint Whites

Find perfect white paint

So, you’re going to paint your furniture white. Great choice! But how to choose the right white paint? Unless you get a pure untinted white, you are looking for an off-white. And are they all created equal? Not at all.

Fusion has a fantastic array of off-whites but in the container, all the white paints look very similar. It’s not until they dry do you really see the difference. Even then, colours (particularly whites) look different depending on the accents in the room, the light, both natural and artificial, and the feel you want to achieve.  

Let’s have a look at the Whites from Fusion Mineral Paint:

Bright whites

These are the whitest whites from Fusion Mineral Paint. 

Picket Fence: The brightest white that Fusion carries. It’s very clean looking with no noticeable undertones.

Casement:  More of a pure white with the slightest hint of yellow. It’s slightly warmer than Picket Fence, again with no noticeable undertones. I’d call it “the lightest warm white”.

Parchment:  A multi-toned white with green undertones. It can be a warm or cool colour depending on the environment.

Victorian Lace: This could possibly be the perfect white, the perfect balance of warm and cool. This beautiful off-white lends more to the cool side with subtle green tones.


These colours could pass for white in the right space and in the right lighting, but they all have a little more warmth and creaminess to them.

Raw Silk: If you want a soft cream colour, go with Raw Silk. This is an old white with barely a hint of yellow and just a touch of grey, right in the middle of all the whites, not bright white, not cream.   Very neutral and goes well with bright whites, off whites or creams in the same room. You could call it the “classic warm white” that will fit tonally with just about any decor.

Limestone:  With a stronger sense of yellow undertone “designed to mimic the complexity of limestone”, Limestone has slightly more colour than Raw Silk but still feels creamy.

Plaster: More yellow undertone than Limestone.

Champlain: This is the one to try if you want a warm white with more beige than yellow undertones. It’s a great neutral white that can be warm or cool.

Cashmere: Softer and more subdued than Champlain, I’d call Cashmere “the one with a slight cream undertone”.

Chateau: Another creamy colour with a grey undertone. Described as “inspired by enchanting castle walls”. It is very similar to the discontinued Goddess Ashwagandha.

A bit cooler

Lamp White: A bright white with a very grey undertone. I’d describe it as a “super light grey”.


It's often difficult to see the finer details between the colours until you put them in perspective side by side. Hopefully the descriptions given will help make your a choice a little easier. But if you’re still unsure, choose a tester size, or a True Colour Chart or Fan Deck.