Two Fussy Blokes Mini Paint Roller Frame with 2 Microfibre Rollers

Mini Paint Roller Frame with 2 Microfibre Rollers

Two Fussy Blokes
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"rinse and spin before you begin"

Choose Two Fussy Blokes for a more eco-friendly frame. With a sophisticated black finish, they’re made from environmentally sourced materials and designed for maximum comfort. These roller frames are rigorously tested in order to allow your mini rollers to spin freely and to make painting quick and easy.

The 5mm-nap microfibre mini rollers are an essential tool for transforming anything on the smaller side that requires a spray-like finish. These rollers go to show you can achieve a flawless finish without a spray gun

The 10mm-nap microfibre mini rollers are super durable and hold plenty of paint to finish your paint job with ease with a stunning semi-smooth finish. This particular roller holds a considerable amount of paint and washes out easily. 


  • Comes with 1 x 5mm Smooth and 1 x 10mm Semi Smooth mini rollers
  • Designed with ergonomics top of mind.
  • Length: 130mm | 5/1″
  • Core: 6mm | 3/4”
  • Size: 100mm | 4”