Bottle of Fusion Decoupage & Transfer Gel

Decoupage & Transfer Gel

Fusion Mineral Paint
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This dual-use product is working over time! It can be used to transfer images onto your surfaces, or it can be used as a decoupage adhesive. Either way it is used, the results are simply stunning and very easy to achieve with our unique formula. Create beautiful decoupage or transfer images onto virtually any surface decoupage onto glass, metal, wood- you name it!

To transfer an image simply apply Decoupage and Transfer Gel to the surface and place your print face down. Apply pressure with a putty knife or credit card to ensure contact and remove any bubbles. After 24hrs or so, you can wet the back and start rubbing away the paper pulp. Next, add wax or another layer of the Decoupage and Transfer Gel for protection.

To decoupage, apply it to the surface and or the back of the image or tissue/decoupage paper and stick it in place. You can place cling wrap over the image to smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles. When dry you can add another coat of the Decoupage and Transfer Gel to seal or you can use any of the other Fusion finishes.

Decoupage and Transfer gel is white but dries to a clear matte film.
For decoupage 1 hour for dry time and 21 days for cure time.
250ml - approximately 3 square metres of coverage.